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All Types of Windows in Alexandria, VA May Need Commercial or Residential Window Repair One Day

The main common functions of all windows are that they let in light and ensure some ventilation. Also, all types of windows may require commercial or residential window repair from time to time. However, windows can also vary in so many ways. See what our residential and commercial window repair experts have to say about five of the window types available.


These windows open out by pivoting from the uppermost side of the window sash, operated by a crank. They are typically paired with large picture windows and could be placed along the bottom, sides, or top of the picture window to improve ventilation. They can also be installed above doors. Awning windows should not be near walkways and other traffic areas, to prevent obstruction of the traffic path.


Casement windows also open out and most commonly pivot from side hinges. Many casement windows have large glass panes to provide plenty of light that is uninterrupted by framing. Casement windows also usually offer a more open ventilation area than other types of windows. When they are and locked, these windows can make a very effective seal for better energy performance. Like awning, casement windows should not open out into traffic areas.

Double-Hung and Single-Hung Windows in Alexandria, VA

These are the most common and best-known window types. The single-hung windows have a movable lower sash and a fixed upper sash.  The double-hung windows have two movable sashes, and the upper sash slides down.

Single- and double-hung windows work in most locations. They have a classic decorative look and typically offer less open area than casement and slider windows. Such windows can be more prone to air leakage than casements.

Picture Windows in Alexandria, VA

As they don’t open, they are best in areas where airflow doesn’t matter that much. They have large glass expanses at the center portion of a wall to provide broad views and plenty of sunlight. Picture windows are less prone to leakage of air than operable windows. However, their large glass panes can lose or gain a lot of heat compared to an insulated wall.

Bay Windows in Alexandria, VA

An excellent resource for architects, bay windows can help create angles and projections on a building structure. They allow light to enter at various angles, and most of them include side windows that can be opened for airflow. Bays are typically used in kitchens and family rooms, and the large sill of the window can be used for plants or a window seat.

When you need commercial or residential window repair in Alexandria, VA, feel free to call the experts of Exp Pro Glass and Design Inc at (571) 207-9639! We will provide the residential or commercial window repair that you need to the highest industry standards of quality.

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