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The Different Shower Doors in Alexandria, VA to Choose From

Going home to a hot shower after a tiring day at work can be so relaxing. It could be a more enjoyable experience if you have a beautiful shower. But achieving that luxurious hotel shower in your own home is not really that hard. All you might need to add are beautifully installed shower doors. Here are your options:

Shower Doors Alexandria VA

Clear Glass

Commonly used in most bathrooms, clear shower glass doors aren’t always totally clear. Although most people don’t really notice the minor color in the glass, it’s usually transparent with a hint greenish tint. Since it doesn’t have a specific texture, it will work perfectly well in all kinds of bathrooms. With its simple and uncomplicated appearance, it remains to be a top choice for both residential and commercial projects.

Frosted Glass

If privacy is a concern, you may choose frosted shower glass doors. It has a translucent appearance that can make any bathroom look stylish. The downside of choosing this glass door is the cleaning. Soap scum may accumulate in the pits of the frosting when cleaning the frosted side. The other side, however, remains smooth so it would be easier to clean. Compared to clear glass, frosted shower doors might require little cleaning as fingerprints and smudges won’t stand out because of the frost design.

Tinted Glass

If you want a more unique look for your bathroom, you might want to consider tinted glass. If your bathroom is beach-themed, then use shades of blues or greens for the tint. Blacks and grays look better for a more old-fashioned look on your rustic-style home.

Rain Glass

This type of shower glass door is comparable to frosted glass. The difference is it allows more light through, obscuring the person inside the shower. This is the best choice if you’re after retaining privacy and letting light in.

Whatever kind of shower door you want to have for your property, you should partner with a trusted installer to ensure that you will get the best outcome for your property. Reliable companies like Exp Pro Glass and Design Inc offer high-quality glass installation services. We also install glass windows in the Alexandria, VA area. You may contact us at (571) 207-9639 for inquiries!

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