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Let the Brightness In

A building’s windows are its eyes and ears. They let in natural light, illuminating the home’s various architectural details. Changing or removing the windows in a historic building changes how the building was used and seen by the public. But how do you make it last? The answer actually varies from the type of window you have in your place. Each type of window has a different life expectancy. Window experts though have some tips on how to make windows life a little bit longer.

Tip 1. Cleaning. Cleaning your windows is a simple way to keep them looking good for longer. If you want to prevent dirt and dust from collecting in the crevices around it, you should clean all of them, from the glass to the frames to the walls. A window jamb is the result of dirty sills.

Tip 2. Inspecting. You should routinely check the condition of your windows. This is something you should do every season. Make that the window frame and sash are in good shape. A metal probe can be used to check for rotting wood, a symptom of water damage. Double and triple-pane windows should be inspected for condensation. The seal has likely become brittle, distorted, or even cracked if water has been able to get in.

Tip 3. Sealing. Your home loses heat through the cracks surrounding the windows, which might be prevented with better sealing. Your home’s energy efficiency will plummet as a result of this. To lessen air and water loss, replace all old seals with new ones.

Tip 4. Repainting. Finally, window repainting is an essential part of maintenance. Wooden and metal frames should be repainted every three to four years. This aids in keeping the frames in pristine condition by shielding them from the outdoors.

So if you want to make your windows last longer, Exp Pro Glass and Design Inc can help you with that goal. If you live around Alexandria, VA, call us (571) 207-9639 today for questions and appointments.

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